Upgrade Your Faucets & Garbage Disposal


Big or Small, We Install Them All

Looking to increase your home's value by upgrading your kitchen and bathroom faucets? Need to install a new garbage disposal? Look no further than John's Plumbing. Whether you want an upgrade because of value, or your old faucet or disposal has stopped working, we will take care of the installation when you call (323) 422-7485.

Don't Rush to Buy New Faucets

If your current faucet has stopped working, it might just need a simple repair. Sometimes backups can cause in the faucet itself as opposed to the pipes. When this happens, you need to call John's Plumbing at (323) 422-7485. You may think you faucet is going bad, when all it really needs a good cleaning and repair.
Faucet — plumbing in Glendale, CA

Is Your Disposal Stuck?

Disposal — plumbing in Glendale, CA
Here are a couple of tips to use if you're disposal isn't working properly
  • When you turn your disposal on and you can hear it, but it's not spinning
    • Most residential garbage disposals have a hole on the bottom of the unit where you can manually spin the blade with an allen wrench/hex key. Simply insert the allen wrench and spin it clockwise and counter clockwise to dislodge whatever may be stopping the blades from spinning
  • When you turn your disposal on and you don't hear anything
    • On the bottom of your disposal unit is a reset button. Simply press the button to reset the mechanism and try the switch again. You may also want to check you breaker panel or any GFCI outlets in your kitchen. You may need to press the reset button on the outlet or flip the tripped breaker.