We Have What it Takes to Unclog and Repair Your Pipes


Trust the Unclogging Expert

If you have a drain that is slow or that has a foul smell coming from it, it may be time to clean or even repair your piping. John's Plumbing offers complete drain clean outs, pipe repair, and even pipe camera inspections. It is our goal to find the blockage and clear it so your sinks and drains work the way they're supposed to.
John's Plumbing can work on all your drains whether they're in your bathroom, kitchen, basement, and even outdoor drains.
If you don't repair a slow draining sink it could lead to pipe leaks and bursts, which are a headache that no one wants to endure. Call the unclog expert at (323) 422-7485 to get your pipes checked and cleaned today.
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Benefits of Pipe Cleaning & Repair

  • Increased drain flow
  • No more foul smell
  • Maintain integrity of piping